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Powerflex PowerAlign - Šrouby pro nastavení odklonu kol 14mm

575,- Kč

Kit contains 2 camber bolts, tab washers and nuts. Camber adjusting bolt to replace the original 14mm bolt.

CAMBER KITS - aplikační katalog pro jednotlivé modely automobilů.

Why not add our Magnetic Camber Gauge to your tool kit so that you can make pit garage adjustments to your suspension using PowerAlign Camber Bolts.... 

PowerAlign Camber Bolts make non-adjustable two bolt suspension struts adjustable by up to +/-1.75degs of camber change.
Simply remove the original upper bolt, loosen the lower bolt, install and adjust the PowerAlign Camber Bolt to the desired camber degree and then tighten everything to the vehicle manufacturer's torque setting.
This is an easy fix for camber issues and a perfect add-on for any suspension bush change.
The bolts are made using a 10.9 tensile, high strength steel that is zinc plated, offering resistance to corrosion.
These parts are also covered under the terms of our lifetime warranty.

Přidat do košíku:

  • Kód: PFA100-14
  • Výrobce: POWERFLEX

Tento produkt byl přidán dne Čtvrtek 07. leden 2016.

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