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O Ragazzon

Power solutions for your car from a team of motivated and dynamic professionals, working at ongoing research and creativity projects.
The ongoing exchange of ideas and inputs between the various departments is one of the aspects enabling the manufacturing of exhaust silencers with always greater performance, technologically advanced and in line with the current trends; special attention is paid to the typical Ragazzon sound.

Crucial to the project department is the precious advice that the marketing department offers from its monitoring of the market, to satisfy the requirements of clients and to offer top quality silencers at very competitive prices. According to the projects studied by our technicians, the purchasing department can supply top quality raw material suitable for the various production cycles under the constant supervision of the quality control, in order to guarantee the compliance with the current standards for the ECC approval.

A large and modern warehouse, managed in a precise and accurate fashion, ensures an express delivery service to all our selling points.

Furthermore the company has a technical - commercial staff, able to offer a competent before-and-aftersale service to expert dealers as well as to anyone.

Steel passion Ragazzon, located in North East Italy, was set up in the eighties by Enzo Ragazzon who, after acquiring great technical skills in the treatment of steel in the car and ship industry field, started up a production of standardized reinforced exhaust silencers.
In the '90 the company started an exciting and fruitful research in the world of tuning and launched the first series of high performance sport silencers.
In 1992, the first silencers approved according to the ECC standards with the Bavarian TÜV, made possible to the company to enter with success the Italian market and to arise growing interest in the European market as well as worldwide.
In 1998 the Ragazzon company produced the first split pipe (two tails right and left) for Fiat Punto GT, which was put to the test run and related approval as well.
In the same year this model, absolute leader in its category, was presented to the Bologna Motor Show, the launching platform for the new Top Line, from then on emulated for the economy cars, not just by companies manufacturing silencers, but also by the actual car companies themselves.
Today the Top Line includes over 150 models, plus the company can now offer a large range of sport silencers totally made of stainless steel, always in full compliance with the ECC standards, and some racing lines group N, including homologated catalytic converters FIA-CSAI.
In future Ragazzon plans to give an answer to the demands of the tuning lovers, by producing always new and better performing silencers.

We then shape the steel to create unmatched pieces.
The production cycle starts in the factory warehouse where the raw material, "a great gift of nature" is selected with great care, to enter a transformation process that turns it into three main components: pipes, silencing parts and tails.
The first component: the inox aisi 304 steel pipes are first cut and then shaped and processed as required.
The second element, the silencing part is obtained from polished stainless steel strips to begin with, while for the inside, we use various Aisi 409 stainless steel perforated pipes. They are covered with heat resistance stainless steel wool and noise absorbing material. With this we obtain a first-rate product.
The silencer is then closed with inox steel lap-joints, totally welded to Tig (tungsten inert gas welding), to ensure top resistance.
The third element is the tail, the visible part protruding from the back of the car. We offer a large range of tails of different design, created with the utmost exactness. The treatment of the inside part of the tail is crucial. In fact its shape and taper ratio affect a great deal the silencer noise.


Once the tail is completed, it is polished until it looks like a mirror.
All components are then assembled to obtain a high quality and performance sport silencer.

The exhaust tail completely welded is then checked again at the last quality control, but before been stored in the warehouse for the finished products, the Ragazzon trademark is engraved as a guarantee.

Innovation protagonists The close cooperation between commercial staff, technical and production departments, makes possible an efficient swapping and a proper processing of information, crucial to foretell market trends and always developing forefront products.
Experts study carefully each single vehicle, diameters and thickness of the various stainless steel pipes, calculate runs and curves to improve the flow of the exhaust gases to design the most appropriate silencer, by shape, size and manufacturing technique as well as to ensure the right noise without slowing down gases way out.
Once the first trial crafted product is ready it is mounted on the car, to test out the overall dimensions and fixing points and to ensure a straightforward assembly on the car.
Next follow the tests, to check the balance between the back pressure decrease and the flow of the uncombusted gases, in order to reduce the use of fuel.

It is time now for the noise meter test on the road, both inside and outside the vehicle, to make sure there is the unmistakable Ragazzon sound.

Finally we perform the rolling test to detect the actual performance improvement and to define the result of the project.

Steel wishes that can be actually made to measure The great experience acquired together with an innovative spirit and qualified staff, enable us to offer a large range of silencers, subdivided into the two categories of the catalogue: single and split silencers Top line with right and left exhausts, EC approved and made of stainless steel.

Moreover, to satisfy the most demanding clients, we can make products to measure, for road engines or racing ones with racing catalytic converters approved by FIA and CSAI, as well as silencers for period cars and SUV.

Quality, guarantee and reliability.
To obtain the ECC approval, the Ragazzon silencers undergo a strict test run by the Transport Department Board.
Such test includes various stages of tests, for example system ageing tests, back pressure tests, noise tests while driving and while stopping.
The condition and resistance of the materials used in manufacturing the silencer are then analysed. Once this is verified, the product quality is certified with an official EEC Approval, valid in all member states of the European Community, also in Switzerland and in other countries outside the EC.

To install an approved silencer on a vehicle, you do not need to update the car's papers, as stated in Directive 70/157/EEC and following updates.
The Approval number is marked on the appropriate tag on the silencer and come with a documents certifying the number of the tests and of the approval released by the Italian Ministry of Roads and Transports or by the German Transport Department Board and by the TÜV-KBA in Flensburg (Germany).