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EBC Brakes Brake Caliper Lube - mazivo pro brzdové třmeny

29,- Kč

EBC Brakes® caliper lube grease has been developed for use on slider pins and caliper slide rails. Used sparingly, this lube has the correct viscosity/consistency and the correct melting point for this use. Always remember these important points when replacing brake parts on your vehicle:

    Only use grease or lubricants that are designed for use with brake parts
    Don't apply grease to the rear of brake pads to prevent noise
    Don't allow any grease near the surface of the brake pads
    When using appropriate brake caliper lubricant, use sparingly
    Thoroughly clean hands after touching the lubricant and Don't touch brake pad surfaces with greasy hands.

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  • Kód: LUBE001
  • Výrobce: EBC BRAKES

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